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Why is distinct and different from the rest

Paul Izzard is the president of Paul has been involved with real estate, the stock market, and the owner of several corporations over the past three decades. Although Paul’s focus is mortgages, he reads countless financial reports daily in order to stay on top of world-wide economic affairs enabling him to provide the very best advice to clients.

Paul decided on the mortgage business because of some bad experiences that he had obtaining a mortgage. Paul found that the banks only promote their own product and the bank employee often has limited knowledge. Just ask your ‘so called’ bank specialist what an IRD is or if they have a re-advance clause.

Some mortgage brokers only deal with ‘A’ clients, the most credit worthy customer. Some only deal with ‘B’ and ‘C’ clients, people with income and credit issues. Some of these brokers can be bullies and take advantage of people in trouble. Paul decided his brokerage would cater to everyone, with respect. So helps those with credit and income issues with professionalism and respect. also works with the most credit worthy and provides the lowest interest rates in Canada to this group. does not franchise and is not a franchise. Paul believes loss of control is associated with franchising and regards that risk too high when providing an important financial document and obligation such as a mortgage. Paul also believes that franchisors are only interested in expanding their brand. Sadly, it only takes a few months to become a mortgage agent after which one is able to trade in mortgages. This group is usually recruited by franchisors looking to build their business. This, new to the business group, is not ready to advise anyone on mortgages but they do and they will. In fact, it takes years to learn this business.

All agents with have been with us almost from the start. Our agents are among the best minds in the mortgage business. Brilliant, knowledgeable, and dedicated to doing it right.

You can be sure of the interest rate secured and the quality of the product when secures you a mortgage. Unlike all other brokers that do not boast any testimonials, has too many to read. Check out our testimonial page. There is a reason that people write testimonials, see for yourself. promises a mortgage that you can live with., when you want it done right – the first time.

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