Career Opportunities

Would you like to be a Mortgage Agent?

It’s a rewarding career in the financial sector. Licensed mortgage professionals at™, after proper training, are in a position to help people buy and refinance homes even after the banks turn them down. Agents are able to ease the financial burden of many and often help clients to avoid bankruptcy. We routinely demonstrate to clients how to repair bad credit, reduce excessive monthly interest and high monthly payments. In a sense, we’re financial planners.

Why should I consider joining

The mortgage business has a very high dropout rate. About 80% of the graduates from the course drop out after a year or two of no work. The remainder struggle along making a modest income with some rare exceptions.

There is a reason for the high failure rate and it comes down to training. You see, to be licensed you must take the course but the course does not teach you how to broker a deal or how to find clients.

If you are currently a licensed mortgage agent, new to the business and like so many others are struggling to make a living then give us a call. If you meet our criteria we may have a career for you.

What separates from the rest?™ is a unique brokerage serving clients of all categories however; we have chosen to specialize in helping clients that have credit and/or income challenges. We’re leaders in this field.

Is it tough to join the team?

In a nutshell, yes. We prefer to train individuals fresh from passing the course although we may consider licensed agents. We give preference to those with a university degree and a strong outgoing personality. We have a strict code of conduct and our standards are high. We’re looking for a few outstanding people.