At mortgagestogo.ca our top priority is customer service. No matter what your credit rating or financial situation is, our agents are eager to help you find a mortgage product thats suits both your needs and lifestyle. We not only strive to find you the best mortgage rate possible, we also work with you every step of the way to ensure you have all the help you need during this important process.

Because customer service is so important to us, nothing makes us happier than satisfied clients. We encourage you to read the many testimonials left here by our customers, and hope that one day your story will be included here as well.


Hi Robin,

On behalf of me and my mother we thank you for everything that you have done.

Thank you! We get keys tonight and moving truck comes in the morning. Mike and I need to thank you for everything you have done for us, and how hard you worked to get us the best mortgage for our needs. Everything has gone so much smoother with this purchase/mortgage than when we bought last time, and that is a huge thanks to you. That is good to know that there isn’t a charge to move banks at the end of the term, we will definitely appreciate help with that when the time comes.

Thanks again,

-Tamara Vancouver BC

Dear Kym,

On behalf of me and my mother we thank you for everything that you have done.

After being turned down so many times from brokers like yourself I was beginning to lose hope. Until I met you, you were determined and worked very hard to get me back on track with a mortgage on my own, cause my mother use to be a co-signer of my previous mortgage and you got me a good rate regardless of my credit history, filing consumer proposal 4 years ago. You even helped out with my mother, she was turned down by her own bank!!! Got a better rate and was able to get the extra cash to renovate her home.

I will be forever grateful because of you I am able to start over again and keep my house, also my mother can start renovating her house with a better rate than what her ex-bank was offering at the time.

I wish you nothing but the best and keep on doing what you do best, making your customers happy.

We will keep in touch very soon and i have sent out your name and number to my friends, will definitely recommend to my family and friends to your organization..


-C. C. Edmonton AB

Dear Kym,

I know it's taken me a while to write this letter but you know how things go! I want to first start by thanking you for dealing with myself and everything that came with me. You were quite patient and worked hard and got my paperwork done in a very timely manner. I'm pretty sure without you working so hard I would not have the two houses that I do today. Everything is going very well with the mortgages and the lending companies you found to supply the loan for me. I have been recommending you to people who are looking to buy a house and I know you'll be able to work your magic with them as well. I hope your having a great and productive year and I look forward to working with you once again.


-C.P. Lloydminister

I phoned but you might have been gone by now on Fri evening. Thanks to you and my lawyer team, the bank paid money and we got keys today! I really appreciate your hard work for getting excellent rate and get money on time. I would have to get you work even harder 5 years later because I don't think this rate stays that long no matter what the economy situation is. So I will catch you later!

T. O., Lethbridge AB

WOO HOO! YES! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Alright, now that I'm done with the flips and cart wheels, I would just like to say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for all the time and effort you put into this. You have managed to pull off the impossible., and my hat goes off to you.

Thank you so much for all of your help in securing, what at times seemed like the impossible, mortgage refinance/renewal of all time. Through it all you remained optimistic, professional, thorough, organized, as well as kind and friendly, which made all the difference in our interactions with you. We put our trust in you, and you most definitely came through for us. Thank you for your patience, as well as treating us like people rather than just another home loan customer. We would gladly recommend you to anyone who desires to have a good experience when buying or refinancing real estate. You're a gem and just THE BEST.

M. & R., B., Marwayne AB

Hey Darren, I just really wanted to thank you for all your help. You went way above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied and really listened to my wishes in regards to what I was looking for in consolidation. You are always available when I had any questions and responded very quickly. You exude professionalism, knowledge and most importantly you truly care about your clients. I will never waste my time bothering with a bank again and I will recommend you every time to anyone looking for the services you provide. In my opinion and in my experience over the years dealing with all kinds of people in my work field I can honestly say you are one of the best employees a company can ever ask for. Again thank you and I hope to talk to you again.

D. M., Fort Saskatchewan AB

“One of the unique challenges a self-employed person has to overcome is getting a mortgage. When Nancy & I decided to purchase our first home, we spoke to our bank, we spoke with other banks, we banged our heads against the proverbial brick wall. We were denied over and over again because I was self-employed.

We then got some great advice from a realtor friend, he suggested finding a good mortgage broker. We didn’t just find a good mortgage broker, we found the best mortgage broker in Alberta. Darren Johnson has been our mortgage broker for over six years now. He helped us get our first mortgage on our first house. He helped us renegotiate our 5-Year renewal, and now he has helped us buy our first investment property.

When the banks all said no, when it all looked hopeless, when it looked like I would never be able to buy a house because I was self-employed, we found Darren at mortgages-to-go, and he made our dreams of home ownership, a reality.”

C. H., Red Deer AB

Hey Kym that's great news, just got in from BC! So you just made my day thanks for everything your doing for us, I can't explain how grateful we are. We owe you a lot and now I really don't know how to say thank you. You have given us a second chance of a new life and you don't know how much that means to me and Carly.

S. & C., G., Crawford Bay BC



Thank you so much for all your help! You were phenomenal.

A.M., Medicine Hat AB

Hi there Robin,

Tracy Gillis from Charles Hotzel & Associates has just forwarded me a copy of the mortgage funds disbursement - (copy attached for your files).

I was surprised to find my latest Scotialine balance had climbed to almost $17,000, largely due to $800 Veterinary fees and the $200+ cost of the house appraisal. To my relief, the remainder after the disbursements is more than I had expected, so I can get on with my life now without that debt millstone around my neck!

By the way, I have decided to seek out budgeting management so I won't fall into this same debt situation again. I'm still planning on selling on eBay as well.

Robin, you have bailed me out of debt on two occasions now and I have nothing but praise for the work you have done on my behalf, thank you so much. I know this is your profession, but you have demonstrated a genuine concern for my situation and I very much value that personal element you added in my case.

I wish you and MortgagesToGo continued success and you may use me as a referral anytime - you are AAA in my book.


D. M., Calgary AB

I give my full endorsement to Tamara Zimmerman with Mortgages to Go. I have been in the Social Services for over 20 years and I can attest to the exceptional level of customer service and attention to detail that Tamara gave me. Her attention to both the financial and personal aspects of the procurement of the mortgage were above and beyond the call of duty. Here is my story:

1. Broker #1 - No chance for Mortgage

2. TAMARA - Possible, no guarantees

3. Broker #3 - Highly possible

I chose option 3 which turned out to be a complete failure. The broker did not conduct a comprehensive assessment and built up false hopes. Unfortunately, the application was rejected with less than 2 weeks to closing.

At the 11th hour I reconnected with Tamara. She provided no promises for approval, but gave assurance she would access all of her options and kept us apprised of the situation on a regular basis.

I believe it was through her efforts alone that allowed us to get the mortgage and house in time for me to start my new job in Slave Lake.

Moving from Edmonton to here was stressful enough without the worry of where we would live. I truly feel Tamara "saved the day" and would recommend Tamara to any of my friends, family and coworkers alike. A true professional.


K. H., Slave Lake AB

Hi Kym,

Thank you for all the efforts you have put in to this re-mortgage, your strategy has saved me money and made this experience very painless. When I am in the need for further services as the ones you provide, I will not hesitate to contact you and will definitely recommend you!

Thank you

H. L’H., Airdrie AB

Thanks Kym! Can't say enough about how great you were. Thanks for making it so easy and leading us through the process. You were all we could have asked for - positive, professional and patient - during a very stressful time.

We are just settling in and unpacking boxes now. Thanks for helping make that possible

G. & A., A., Spruce Grove AB


I got the key for the house on Friday and preparing for moving next week. Thank you so much for your help and everything you have done for us. You did a wonderful job and you were very patient and professional during the whole process. Warm regards.

D. & L., M., Grande Prairie

I am assuming that means all is approved? If so, I am ECSTATIC! This has been just shy of 4 months of waiting and wondering and lots of learning! Thank you for your wisdom in making it come together!!

T. K., Medicine Hat AB

As I said Kym you pulled off a miracle for me as I figured I would be losing my house. I want to thank you for your hard work and dedication to this. You definitely made a difference in my life and I cannot thank you enough.

T. V., Calgary AB

Thanks for the update Robin, I sincerely appreciate your efforts on my behalf. I'm already sleeping better. By the way, our last dog, a rat terrier, got seriously overweight and became diabetic, so keep yours on the diet!


D. M., Calgary AB

You're a dream to work with. Everything went perfect. What a relief. I look forward to 2021 when we'll work together again!

S. B., Calgary AB

To Mortgages to Go,

I have been a client of Darren Johnston’s now for at least 4 years and have worked with him on two mortgages and consolidating debt when needed.

I just wanted to take the time and say that I have never worked with someone who was so easy to get a hold of (once even helping me off hours) and will reply so promptly so you are never left wondering what is going on with your mortgage approval.

Darren has gone above and beyond his duty as a mortgage broker for me.

He has helped me more than he will ever know.

First starting off as a single mom, barley was able to afford anything on my income at the time.

I know Darren worked really hard on that one trying every possible way to get me approved so I can get a nice little town home for my two boys and me.

Then after going through a divorce and my debt got out of hand, Darren was there for me again and helped me so I can get things back under control.

Now that I am in a better place professionally and financially, Darren was here for me again helping me get qualified for a nice starter home for my boys and I where we are much happier having more space and a yard.

Darren always takes time not only to help me get approved for a mortgage but will give me great financial advice to make a better life for my kids and I, it is these types of tips and advice that shows me that Darren cares not only about taking care of the business at hand but about the actual people he is dealing with.

There needs to be more people like Darren in the working world that cares about his job and the people he is working with.

I recommend Darren to anyone I have the chance to and look forward to working again with Darren in the future.

Thank you,

-E. L., Calgary AB

Once again, thank you for all you help. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.

-M. O., Toronto, On

All done and thank you once again for your great service. You continue to make a difference in our lives and I cannot thank you enough. You are the best!!

C. E., Edmonton AB

Hey Darren, how is something quick like this that you can put on your website?...

I really want to thank Darren for helping us purchase our home in 2012!

Good customer service is rare to find these days but the high quality of dedication and effort Darren provided me was outstanding. He took the time to thoroughly explain the mortgage process and was able to answer any questions I had in a confident and professional manner.

Darren always made himself available whenever I needed assistance and he returns all of his phone calls and emails right away. If you are looking for a reputable mortgage professional, I would highly recommend Darren's services.

Thanks again,

-D. B., Red Deer, AB

I recently conducted a business transaction with Mortgages To Go. Darren Johnston handled my file, and did so with a degree of professionalism and efficiency, not common in the banking world.

Darren was there for me every step of the way, trouble shooting my concerns and he worked with diligence to get me the best rate possible. I was always able to contact Darren and his “people skills” are something to be desired.

I want to let the management team at Mortgages To Go know that the service provided to me by Darren Johnston was exemplary and I appreciate all that he did on my behalf.

I would not hesitate to work with him again. If Darren Johnston represents the caliber of Mortgages To Go and its desire to build and maintain a customer referral base then your company has a bright future.

Thanks again to Darren Johnston for all the hard work.


-B. N., Lethbridge, AB

Thanks so much for everything, you were very helpful and personable! We really appreciate how easy going and open you were to all the calls, emails and questions!! And of course thank you for making our dream a reality!

-C. G., Red Deer, AB

Your agent has been so helpful to us! She has spent so much time on our situation. Her support is amazing! We have been very impressed with her service and knowledge and will definitely refer anyone we can to your office!

-L.C., Victoria, BC

I owe you my life you are such a sweetheart, thank you so much, You don't know how much this means to me and take a big load of my shoulders.

Thank you,

-S.B., Red Deer, AB

I have been banking with CIBC for over 35 years and I applied for a mortgage to buy a house for retirement and they turned me down. I went to mortgagestogo.ca and applied for a mortgage. mortgagestogo.ca was very helpful and secured a mortgage and I am very happy to have bought a retirement house in Vernon.

Thank you so much.

-B.R., Lethbridge, AB

Dear Robin,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for everything you did to see my mortgage come through. The long hours, the phone calls, all the hurdles overcome and problems solved, were all above and beyond the call of duty. You are an excellent problem solver, and are so easy to talk to! I feel you most certainly excel at your job!

Thank you so very much for helping me to get my mortgage approved and funded!!


-C. B., Taber, AB

Hi Angelina,

You have been very helpful through the entire process. It was a lot of information to learn being first time home buyers and you made the process simply and easy to understand. There were so many options we were able to explore and this made us feel very confident in knowing you were out there to do everything possible for us to get us into our first home. We are also thankful that you were able to refer us to a great real estate agent who was also willing to work for us! From the bottom of our heart, thank you so much for all you have done. You will most definitely be our first referral for any friends and relatives looking for a mortgage broker!

- L. & W.P., Calgary, AB

Hi Robin,

This is just to say a huge THANK YOU for not only putting all the options and paperwork together, but for going "the extra mile" and generally making the whole deal flow smoothly. I have really appreciated your time, interest, and wonderful organisational abilities. You do a great job and have provided us with very valuable support. Thanks also for getting us a great rate and providing a perfect solution for our unique mortgage situation. You made me feel totally at ease when the stresses and unknowns seemed too much. Many, many thanks for all your work on our behalf. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone looking for a mortgage broker.

Thanks again.

- R. B., Lethbridge, AB.

Hi Ekaterina,

I just wanted to take a few moments to personally thank-you and your staff on the work you did securing us a mortgage for our home. You were awesome and very helpful through every step of the process. You were always very prompt and helpful in replying to any questions or concerns we had. This was greatly appreciated and helped alleviate any unnecessary stress associated with buying a home. I feel that you and your staff went above and beyond to find us the best mortgage that suited our particular needs. I will have no problems and look forward to recommending you, and mortgagestogo.ca, to anyone that is looking for a mortgage!! Thank you so much again!!


- The S. Family, Duchess, AB

Hello Robin; I wish to take this opportunity to express to you and your associate how very much I appreciated your assistance on the purchase of our future home.

In the short time that we have been working together on our new home, you have (in my opinion) accomplished the un- imaginable. I can validate this statement by accessing my previous experiences in life, this experience was proven to be just as challenging. There are, in my opinion only a few selected people who could be capable of taking on such challenges and rise above them to keep that smile on my face that you saw each time we met. This opportunity that you have made possible for myself and my husband has been a dream of ours for a few years.

As I have mentioned to you in previous conversations, our charter bank could not meet our requirements to make our dreams come true. In the 30 plus years that we have been doing business with them not once have their associates been as successful or professional to do what you did for us in just a few weeks. To know that our dream of being mortgage free in a few short years by finding a property where we can retire and live comfortably hasn't been a reality until this afternoon.

Our experience with mortgagestogo.ca was not only on a professional level, but also informative. We now can take our knowledge that you shared with us and refer you to many of our friends and family to assist them with their dreams without hesitation.

In closing I would like to say...CONGRATULATIONS ROBIN ! you now have our future business.


Kristen,,,,,,,smiling :)& Kim Naugler.

-K. & K. N., Monarch, AB

Hi Terri Lynne

Lori and I want to thank you for all your hard work in securing our mortgage refinance. We have had problems obtaining refinancing and you took our stress and worry away. We are both happier and are not afraid to answer the phone any more. We are currently planning a family vacation to Disneyland in the fall.

Thanks again,

- R. & L.S., Sidney, BC

My Husband and myself have had the opportunity to use the services of mortgagestogo.ca twice in the last six months, we had a very bad experience with a lender and it wasn't until I called Darren Johnston at mortgagestogo.ca that I knew things would be taken care of and I could finally sleep at night.

Darren has proven to be honest, reliable and even when thrown a curve ball, which we did to him on several occasions was always very professional.

I would not hesitate to use mortgagestogo.ca in the future.

Thank you, Darren

-P. B., Calgary, AB

Thank you Ekaterina for making my first home buying experience painless and enjoyable. I would recommend working with you to anyone who wants to make sure their first home buying experience is as smooth as possible. Thank you very much for excellent service and for going the extra mile.

-D. D., Blackfalds, AB

Hi Robin,

I want to tell you how pleased I am for what you have done for myself and my family. You are a very hard worker and you bent over backwards trying to get the mortgage through for us. I can't tell you how pleased I am and if anyone wants to have a mortgage I would recommend them to you, and in the future I will definitely come to you for mortgages.

Again, Thanks a million for a swell job!

-L. M., Coalhurst, AB

Hi Kym,

Kym has been a phenomenal help to us. She has done what no other broker could do for us and in the process she has completely changed our lives financially. Not only did she get the job done, she was efficient and communicated with us throughout the process. Kym made sure we knew what was going on at each stage and always gave us a realistic timeline in which each step could be completed. We are amazed that she was able to find us a mortgage despite our challenges such as credit and property location. Not only did Kym find us a lender, but she was able to get us a great interest rate and terms. Kym made us feel like her most important client, she treated us with respect and we enjoyed working with her. We would not hesitate to use Kym and the mortgagestogo.ca team again and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for financing on a new or current mortgage.

Thank you so much for the amazing help and all the effort you have put in! You truly did change our lives!


- S. & J., Calgary, AB.

You have been good Kym, and I would just like to thank you for this mortgage financing and not letting go till there was something in place. I will refer others to mortgagestogo.ca


- S.M., Calgary, AB

Right from the start Darren was very helpful and forthcoming with a lot of information regarding pre-approvals, mortgages and rates. He was always happy to help with our first time buyer questions and replied quickly. Darren also checked up on us throughout our home search making sure everything was going well and if we had any questions for him. When it was finally time to purchase Darren was quick to get the ball rolling and helped getting all of the documents organized. Darren was very knowledgeable and made everything smooth and painless for my wife and I.

Thanks again and we appreciated your help,

D. & N. C., Calgary AB

- S. & J., Calgary, AB.

I am in the completion phase of refinancing my home and so I would like to thank you kind folks at mortgagestogo.ca for the excellent service you have delivered. My agent, Tamara Zimmerman, is more than professional, helpful and courteous - she is a total treat to work with. What I find most impressive is the respect shown to me as a client. Other brokers I have dealt with in the past were more concerned with their firm's profit perspective than with meeting my financial needs. With MTG it has been all about client satisfaction.

For these reasons I heartily recommend mortgagestogo.ca as a preferred broker for anyone needing to access the equity in their home.


- D. P., Calgary, AB

A few weeks ago I received a very pleasant voicemail from Terri Lynne letting me know that she was reviewing our mortgage as it was getting close to time to renew. She stated that she was based in the Victoria office but would be happy to assist and invited me to contact her. I spoke with her a few days later and she was a wealth of information. We talked about mortgages rates, of course, but she also discussed our complete financial picture and talked about debt consolidation. She presented options for length of mortgage term and discussed the relative strengths of both a 5 and 10 year term and when I pressed her, she gave her view of what interest rates might be doing in the next 5 years. She never stated that they would do one thing or another, but based on her expertise, she gave an informed opinion, which as a consumer who is not in the mortgage business I appreciated. Following our initial conversation she put me to work gathering documents from employers and all of the other assorted mortgage requirements and she walked me through the process. Every step of the way she was supportive, informative, and positively cheerful. I say the last part because so often in financial settings people are serious, and I think you can be both professional and personable. When Terri Lynne called to let me know about our approval she sounded genuinely happy for us, and this, to me, goes beyond just doing her job. We have hit a few glitches along the way, an initial approval for a 5 year and then I asked her to try for a 10, which she happily did, and some extra requirements from the new lender, but she has kept checking in and making sure that things are progressing as they should. We met with a representative from the Medicine Hat office to sign documents, and he was also very positive, supportive, and helpful. I only wish that Terri Lynne could have been there to finish the process that she has been such a key part of. As a consumer I am very satisfied with the work that Terri Lynne has put in, she has earned her commission and then some.

Looking forward to talking to you again,

-J. S., Medicine Hat, AB

Dear Darren,

Carmen and I wish to express our appreciation for the way you successfully expedited our recent mortgage requirement. We were satisfied with the professional manner in which the entire procedure was handled and would not hesitate to recommend you and your company to other potential clients (we have already done so in one case).

Yours truly,

- D. E., Calgary, AB

Good Afternoon Tamara,

My wife and I could not be happier with the new home that we were able to purchase. You went above and beyond the call of duty, making sure that all the papers that were required were accurate and completed in a very timely and professional manner. Most of all, you made the purchase a very pleasant experience, with your friendly personality and your desire to make us feel like friends, rather than just someone who was doing her job because that was all it was. We can’t thank you and mortgagestogo.ca enough for all the help that you have given us. I would refer you to anyone who was looking for a great house buying experience. Thank you so very much!!!

- T. & R.E., Calgary, AB

Good morning Robin

Thank you for the information regarding our mortgage – that is great news. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in this difficult time for us! Your professionalism and compassion in dealing with our situation was certainly appreciated.

You certainly do “know your stuff” Robin – again thank you so much for your assistance.


- M.V., Lethbridge , AB

Thank you Erin,

I will make sure to contact you in the future. I would like to thank you for taking the time to look over my file as most brokers didn't even respond to me. I appreciate it and will recommend anyone I work with in Fort McMurray to you.

- T. S., Fort McMurray

Hi Terri-Anne,

The enclosed is a thank you for helping us get a house for our retirement. Take your co-workers/family out for a lunch on us. Thank again.

- D. & M.H., Deer Lake, Newfoundland

Hello Angelina,

Everything was signed by all the parties last week at Mr. Hotzel's office, so I guess we should be good to go with everything. Just wanted to let you know how I appreciated your professional approach and your courtesy. Hope to keep doing business with you in the years to come, have a good one.


- E. D-G., Calgary, AB

Paul, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you, - you truly are an angel.

- K.B., Brooks, AB

Dear Kym,

I really appreciate your expertise. I know in the big picture my mortgage is just another business deal but your help in getting me back on my feet means a lot to me. You have kept me informed through the process and expedited it in a painless stress free manner. I have already recommended you to some friends.

So thanks again for doing a great job

- D.B., Calgary, AB.

mortgagestogo worked endless hours to get us the satisfaction we wanted and at a good rate. We highly recommend them; they work for you.


- J. & M. S., Brooks, AB

Hi Paul,

You did it again! This time through Robin, your very knowledgeable rep in Lethbridge.

I phoned Robin in the morning, told him about my intention of buying a duplex, he told me to bring the pertinent papers, went to see him in the afternoon, he worked on the computer and in less than an hour he said, "There it goes. I will phone you tomorrow." and he did. Wow, what an efficient worker! I was very impressed. He even managed to use the equity on my house for the down payment. I was prepared to withdraw money from my investments, so I did not have to do that.

Paul, you are blessed to have Robin in your team. He is very professional, approachable and dependable. He is quite patient too.

Remember me with all my questions and apprehensions before? Well, Robin was patient enough to clarify things for me.

Again, thank you Paul. I am now the proud owner of a duplex.

God bless,

- M.R.C., Fort Macleod, AB

Darren, we’re most appreciate for all you’ve done for us present and past. You are a true professional in every sense of the word. Enclosed is a gift card for you to enjoy.


- T. & T. H., Calgary, AB.

The goal that we thought was beyond our reach has been achieved. You were instrumental in this huge change in my family’s life. We are “credit-card-debt-free.” We cannot thank you enough for your help. We found you to be professional and competent, and your service is second to none. Again, thank you for your much needed help. I am sending this through e-mail, as I cannot afford to waste another day. This note is already very late.

- A.C., Fort Macleod, AB

I would like to express my gratitude to you for all that you have done for my parents. As you know we are very close and Mom and I talk several times a day. She has kept me abreast of all that has gone on and how you’ve gone the extra mile to assist them in their time of financial setbacks. They all speak very highly of you and I’m grateful that you have taken the time and done more than required to make my parents stand on stronger financial footing. I wish you much success.

- M.K., Vancouver, BC

Dear Ekaterina,

OMG!!!!!!! Are you kidding me!!! I can`t tell you how much I appreciate the extra work you did for us to get this approved, Thank you so very much. This is such a huge stress relief.

Thank you again, and I hope you have a very wonderful Christmas, and thanks to you, we should too!!

- K., Red Deer, AB.

...mortgagestogo.ca made the experience enjoyable ... I'm impressed with how Mr. Izzard has his client's interest in mind, through every step of the process. Mr. Izzard did all he could to help me understand in order to protect my interests. My experience was very pleasant and profitable. Thank you.

- Grand Prairie, AB Client

Good morning Tamara,

Once again I THANK YOU for all of your efforts and the eventual "better then I could have imagined" outcome. I also recommended a friend of mine give you a call.

- G.M. , Airdrie, AB

Thank you so much for all your time and efforts, you have made this experience very nonstressful for both of us.

- A. & H., Fort McMurray

Hi Angelina,

"I was very satisfied with the support, help and guidance I received from mortgagestogo.ca. You continually went above and beyond to be helpful and follow up on things that were required."

Thanks for all your help Angelina!!

- S.C., Calgary, AB

Dear Angelina,

Just wanted to, again, express my gratitude for your assistance with my mortgage. The level of efficiency, professionalism, and accommodation that you made "look easy", was nothing short of impressive. It's comforting to know that someone like yourself and mortgagestogo.ca can be in one's corner when dealing with lenders, and you can be assured of my business and referrals in the future. Have a great day!

- R.M., Calgary, AB

Hi Darren,

I would like to thank-you very much for all the hard work you did to get a mortgage for us. We would recommend you to anyone requiring a mortgage. In fact you are helping a couple of our friends right now. We received our mortgage at a better rate than the banks that refused to give us a mortgaged. The service we received from you and Mortgages To Go was very professional, timely, and we appreciate how you always maintained contact with us. No one who has dealt with you would never deal with a bank again.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.


- M.B.&C., Calgary, AB

Working with Angelina was a pleasure. She was able to help me understand what my options were and what was the best choice for me. Angelina catered to my needs in a timely fashion while still maintaining an air of professionalism and respect. Overall she helped keep the home-buying experience fun!

- P. G., Calgary,AB

Dear Darren,

We would both like to thank you for your effort in acquiring a new mortgage for us. Your ingenuity and professionalism were very evident through out the whole process. We appreciate that certain situations require experience that only, "time in the trenches" provides; you demonstrated you've been in the trenches.

Thanks again,

- L. & M., Calgary, AB

Hi Darren,

Just wanted to thank you for all you have done. Not only did you help me on a professional level by finding me the best rate possible and a mortgage that suits mine and my family's needs but you were very helpful on a personal level as well. I told you my very stressfull situation I am in with my life and you took the time to listen to me and could tell you that were not just listening to me as a client but also as a person who cares and was wanting to help any way you can! I would have never been able to find such a solution to my financial problems without your time, effort and creativity. You were extremely easy to get ahold of and I had a voice on the line whenever I had any questions or concerns, you even took the time to write a detailed email to me answering all my dads questions and concerns too. Everything I have had to do to get this mortgage and consolidating my debt was easier than I could have imagined, I didn't have to take time off work and run around to get everything organized, you made this such an easy experience for me. Your service professionally and personably are more appreciated than you could ever know.

Thank you again

- E.L., Calgary, AB

Hi Tamara,

Good day! Rose and I would just like to THANK YOU for everything and for all the help that you did in order for us to get approved. We truly appreciate everything that you have done and for being very patient with us. Our apologies for any inconvenience that this may have caused as we know it was a little harder than usual to get the approval for us. But in the end we got the approval.

We will surely recommend you to our friends and co-workers. And for sure if we are up for renewal or any mortgage needs we will be in touch with you again.

Again Thank you very much!


- E. & R., Calgary

Hello Darren,

I migrated to Canada 8 years ago and one of my greatest desires was to own a home in this country. The challenges of being a new Canadian threatened to delay my wish much longer than I had hoped until I met Darren at Mortgagestogo.ca.

Darren helped me navigate the home ownership waters and negotiated on my behalf a mortgage that was not only affordable but bought me a house that I am proud to call home. A year or so after my purchase, life happened and Darren was there again to help me negotiate a second mortgage. To my surprise not only did Mortgagestogo get me a deal that covered my debt as a result of a separation, but Darren got me enough money to do some renovations. The best part was that my monthly mortgage did not change!

The agents, in particular Darren, at Mortgagestogo.ca are warmhearted, kind and sensitive geniuses!

Thank you Darren and thank you Mortgagestogo.ca

- C., Calgary

Dear Kym,

I really want to thank you for everything you've done. You seem to give a damn and I do appreciate it.

Take care, Kym.

- P., CalgaryAB

Dear Tamara,

We found your service to be excellent and efficient. You certainly are an asset to mortgagestogo.ca and you did a superb job. It was a pleasure to deal with you and we will definitely recommend mortgagestogo.ca and Tamara in the future. Thanks again.

- D. & L.B., Calgary AB

Hello Angelina,

Everything was signed by all the parties last week at the lawyer's office, so I guess we should be good to go with everything. Just wanted to let you know how I appreciated your professional approach and your courtesy. Hope to keep doing business with you in the years to come, have a good one, Regards,

- E. D., Calgary AB

Hi Paul,

My name is Jennifer and my boyfriend and I just purchased our first home together. I just wanted to tell you that our mortgage broker, (Angelina) has been absolutely wonderful. She’s gone out of her way to give us the best rates...she has great customer skills. She is truly great at her job and we absolutely love her work. We cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for us. I thought I would share our great experience with you. Have a great day.

- J.V., Calgary AB

Dear Darren,

Thanks for everything you did in the last four weeks to allow me to pay off my credit cards, consolidate my debt, and refinance my mortgage. The feeling is incredible and I can finally sleep again. Knowing how stressed out I was, I appreciate how you acted expeditiously, communicated with me daily and led me to believe things could get done.

It is clear Darren, that in today’s world, you are one of the few that maintains a hard work ethic and derives satisfaction from doing a job well. I appreciate all your hard work. Mortgagestogo.ca will continue to emerge as a leader in the industry with agents like you.

Once again darren, thank you for all the time and energy into helping me resolve my financial problems.

Best regards,

- D.N., Calgary AB

Dear Ang,

Couldn't have done it without you - will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks and I hope to meet you when I am next in Calgary to say thanks personally.

- Sharon, Calgary, AB


Just wanted to say a big thanks to Kym in Calgary for her help today. She not only provided me with valuable information to help me with an important decision, but she took time out of her day to go above and beyond to find some answers for me. And on top of that, was so friendly and approachable. In the situation we are currently in, it sure was a breath of fresh air. Based on this experience, I will most definitely go with mortgagestogo.ca when it's time to buy another home. Much thanks.

- D.V., Calgary, AB

Kymberly, Thanks again for securing my financing. You made the process stress free and actually enjoyable. The move went well. Now it’s just a matter of unpacking a ton of boxes.

I am really glad you were able to help out M. I know her situation was a bit difficult with her being self employed and all. I am sure you have made her very happy and relieved. She was not having much luck until she dealt with you so thanks for doing such a good job for her.

I will certainly be recommending you to any other contacts I have that are looking for financing. Your expertise has had a profound impact on improving my situation and that of Melissa’s so once again thanks for doing such a great job.

- D.B., Calgary, AB

Dear Kym,

Professional, courteous, prompt and extremely capable. Those are things most businesses today aspire to - you are the only company I have ever dealt with, that indeed personify those values. I will never go anywhere else for my mortgage transactions as I have found the diamond in all the rough stones at last! Thank you for you OUTSTANDING personal and business skills! The attention and very personal service is beyond compare. I have had two major mortgage refinancing which were both done smoothly, painlessly and at a profit to myself. I cannot thank you enough for making these experiences both pleasant and easy for me. The efforts of your office staff are tremendously appreciated and the knowledge and skills demonstrated are without compare. Thank you so very much for turning a very possible nightmare into a dream for me!

- L.H., Calgary, AB

Hi Kym,

I really do appreciate your time and effort working on this. I won’t forget you for the rest of my life. You are always there for me during tough times.

- B.T., Calgary, AB

Hi Kym,

You did an awesome job and we just wanted to say a big THANKS.

- D. & L. A., Calgary, AB

Hi Kym,

Thank you again so much for your non-judgmental help in this matter. You are an Angel!

- T. C., Calgary, AB.

Hi Paul,

I want you to know how happy I was with Robin Kausner. Robin made me feel comfortable and well taken care of. He took the time to go over our options and made the experience a pleasure. Robin worked extra hard to make things happen. I will not hesitate to suggest Robin to my friends and family.

- S. C., Calgary, AB.

Hi Erin,

Just to let you know I went to the lawyers yesterday and signed all the papers!!!!! My first payment comes out June 15 and it’s less than I’m paying now!!! Thank you very much!!!! You’re AWESOME!!!!

- Brett, Calgary, AB

"Angelina and the staff at Mortgages to Go were very helpful in leading us through the process of purchasing our new home. They were very responsive to our questions and concerns, and had helpful advice when dealing with 3rd party home owning concerns like lawyers and mortgage insurance. We highly recommend their service!"


- Chris, Calgary, AB

Hi Robin,

My family and I are very grateful and really appreciate your assistance on this matter. We will be looking forward to continue doing business with you. I wish you a great Summer and God Bless you for helping people.

- J.P., Calgary, AB

Hi Robin,

Thanks for all your help. You did good. Liz and I are very pleased with all you have done. I will be sure to refer others to you. Regards.

- Liz and Mike, Calgary, AB

Whew! I am very excited to have my home in my name and reside there for a long time! I owe ya one girl! I am very thankful and mom is excited to have me home and be part of this! Thank you Nigar I really appreciate all you have done for me. You Rock!!! Thank you for making our dreams come true!

-L.P., Calgary, AB

I can't express in words how thankful I am to you for helping me out, I appreciate all that you did for me. I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from me. Most people wouldn't have gone to the lengths you have. Again thanks ever so much.

- C., Calgary, AB

Hi Ekaterina,

Thank you very much, I hope to hear from Norm after lunch to get the key to the house. I am very excited about being a home owner. Thank you so very much for all of your hard work and persistence in getting a mortgage for me.

- M. P., Red Deer, AB

Thank you, Darren, for all your help! You have made our life easier.

- R. S., Calgary, AB

Hi Mortgagestogo.ca,

Just wanted to send a little note along and say "THANK YOU" for your patience and all your effort in securing a better mortgage rate for me. Even though I wound up going with my original provide, your effort got me a .3% reduction from their originally offered rate, and I am confident that would not have happened without all your hard work.

This is a friendly thank you because I know you worked hard on this for me, even spending time talking with my dad!!

I definitely will call you when my mortgage comes up for renewal. Your personality on the phone is friendly, upbeat, patient and very helpful, and I trust your knowledge and perseverance in getting the best rates possible for your clients.

 Thank you,


- M. P., Calgary AB

Hi Angelina,

I wanted to let you know that I appreciated your services very much at mortgagestogo.ca The service I used provided me with lots of very good information with no pressure at all to use this service. Everything was explained so there was no surprises in the end. Compared to the bank this is an excellent service to use as you are exposed to many lenders. Staff were friendly and always invite you at any time to call and ask questions. Angelina provided me with quick responses for the mortgage and good communication to office in Edmonton for me to deal with staff there. I would definitely recommend your services to family and friends. Thank-you again for making this move back to Edmonton possible for me.

- L. & J.M., Edmonton, AB

Hello Angelina,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the service you have given me during my mortgage renewal process. Not only was I given a complete and professional consultation, and preparation, you were also very informative and helpful to make me understand everything that was being done. You even took the time to explain every available option, and broke it down into easy to follow instruction, and helped me understand all the terms! Since I am not a mortgage expert, like yourself, I really appreciated that! I was so pleased to do business with such a intelligent professional, I am recommending you to my friends and family for their mortgage renewals! I hope you and your family has a prosperous 2012, and I will be looking forward to staying in touch.

- D. B., Calgary, AB.

Hello Jenelle,

I wanted to say that I very much liked the way you do your job. You're professional, accurate, nice and definitely a person who can work very well under pressure. I know that my mortgage request wasn't easy, but you got it done. I wanted to let you know that my appreciation is not only because of the very good final result, but also that for my 6 years here in Canada I've met so many people unable to react adequately in a different or even a little bit difficult situation. While working with you, I felt like I was back home in Europe. Right after our first meeting, I was glad to see that you got a good idea of what I needed and by the end of our work together, I found that you exceeded my expectations.

Thank you again for your professional work!

- R.B., Edmonton AB

Dear Sam,

Sorry it has taken me this long to get back to you, really busy. Just wanted to say thank you for your hard work. Everything went well at the lawyers office and we are looking forward to saving some extra money now. Can’t believe the rate we were paying for so long. Didn’t know it was this easy to change over to a better rate. Thanks again for helping us.

- R.G., Edmonton AB

Late in 2010, I was asked to recommend a competent mortgage broker to some friends who were faced with losing their home due to temporary financial difficulties. Through an ad in the Calgary Sun, I contacted mortgagestogo.ca and was put in contact with Sam Leong.. From the outset, her calm and professional demeanor played an important part in coming to an amazing solution to the problem. Sam was persistent, creative and proactive in bringing a solution to the table. My friends were DELIGHTED with the outcome and would STRONGLY recommend Sam to anyone needing assistance arranging a mortgage. Thanks for a GREAT resolution to what appeared to be an impossible situation.

Yours Truly..

- R.K., Edmonton AB

Hi Tamara,

Lindsay Hodges here, back in the spring you had done a ton of work for my wife and I in order to get into a new mortgage. I just wanted to say thanks for doing that for us, it has been a huge help to us in our budget and has made things much easier.

Have a great day!

- L. & S. H., Calgary, AB.

Hey Ekaterina,

We are excited to have our first Christmas here in our own house. You know what every time I’m going to super store I always looking at your place ( MTG) We really do appreciate the help you did for us!!!

- D. M., Red Deer, AB.

To whom it may concern,

This letter is regarding mortgagestogo's remarkable performance with our mortgage transaction. They went way beyond the call of duty to make our mortgage happen. Mortgagestogo.ca was always available to answer questions and give options and suggestions as needed. As we are self employed, lending is a frustrating concept and they handled our file with the upmost importance. Our family will be recommending mortgagestogo.ca to all the we know.

Thank You!

- C. & C.B., Edmonton AB

Hi mortgagestogo.ca,

In regards to your tremendous efforts in helping my parents and I, I owe you a huge well earned and deserved thank you. It was quite the scenario and dealing with all the back and forth was no doubt not easy. Those past few months were quite stressful for us and with your generous help and willingness to do all that you could necessary to help with our mortgage situation, helped in so many ways. On behalf of my family and I, we were very pleased with all the work, efficiency and prompt response we received from you. We would also like to thank you for your warmth and pleasantness towards my family and I in our situation, even so this was quite a challenge to work out and no doubt not a simple task for you to handle. In the future, I will keep mortgagestogo.ca in mind and would be happy to contact you with future mortgage help and business. Thank you again, for all your help in a time where it seemed impossible. All the best to you!

- M. H., Edmonton AB

"Mortgagestogo.ca worked diligently and efficiently to secure the best rate they could for me. Their friendly and professional attitude helped me feel important as a client and feel confident in their ability to get the financing approved within the short time frame."

- J. S., Edmonton AB

My wife and I were very happy with Mortgagestogo's professionalism and with their speed they where able to refinance our mortgage. We will recommend mortgagestogo.ca to anyone we know who is looking for help with their mortgages. Thanks,"

- A. & G.D., Edmonton AB

Thank You mortgagestogo for this opportunity. It has opened a new beginning for me. Your help is much appreciated, more than you know. Warmest blessings.

Thank you for listening

- D. D., Edmonton AB

In 2008 my husband and I decided to build a large home the housing market was booming and we thought this would be a sound investment & opportunity for financial growth. As we all know the market crashed suddenly and the higher end home values were significantly impacted...this happened before we even got the keys upon completion of the build. We did not know what to do for the next six months we held two mortgages crippled by what decision to make selling the house we were in or selling the new build. When weighing in the extreme penalty the banks were now exercising~by selling on the large home the loss would be just too great to take so we decided to rent & move into the large home. Within three months my husband lost his job got in an accident that resulted in brain surgery! I was now carrying the debt all alone, reached out to several banks for assistance in anticipation of the hard road to come....no help. We needed to utilize some of the home equity we held but NO ONE helped..considered us a risk! I had excellent credit my whole life never missed a payment and a large amount of equity....but still no help! As the months passed I became more and more desperate fearing we were going to lose our homes...we were now 18 months behind in property taxes and the house to go onto auction in just a few short months. Credit score was now being affected by payments consistently being late....One evening I picked up the mail and there was a flyer in there for mortgagestogo.ca, I set it aside thinking to myself it is hopeless...just give up....then the next morning heard the same ad on the radio! I called when I got to work and then Sam called me back.....we set up an appt shortly after. All the while I am in just incredible despair, thinking nothing will come of this meeting....

When I met Mortgagestogo.ca and started to try and tell our story I was heart broken by this time realizing we were just a month from losing our homes....When I say Mortgagestogo.ca is responsible for literally saving us & our family future I mean every single word!! I cannot thank you enough there are not the words to say thank you for having the faith in us in order to go to bat for us when no one else would!! We are grateful beyond explanation. But that is not all....it is a process & mortgagestogo has followed up with us to ensure there is a solid plan in place to get through this stage & time necessary to get to where we can sell without the huge penalty and rebound again from this market & events.

Take nothing for granted things can turn around just as quickly as they unraveled....when you are least expecting it is someone like mortgagestogo that reaches out and goes that extra mile to help!

Thank you for giving us a chance.

- E.S., Edmonton, AB

Morning Angelina,

So you would like for me to email you back on how easy it was to deal with you? How you provided me all the information I needed to make an informed decision on switching my mortgage? How you broke down 4 different mortgage rates so I could see what my long term interest and principle would look like if I switched? How you went over all the paper work to clearly marked and made sure I understood what I would be paying? How you emailed me back the same day that I would ask a questions? So basically working with you was seamless and I never once felt as If I was being sold on something, rather I was treated like a customer which in today's market does not happen often?

Thank you so very much Angelina for all your hard work, and may all your customers moving forward have the same experience did!

Just for the record, I've been told I'm a tough customer to have :>)

- G.V., Calgary, AB

Dear mortgagestogo.ca;

Please be advised that Mortgagestogo.ca has done, what I can only describe as a, a miraculous job for us. We were coming into a desperate situation due to our home not selling, while our new builds possession date was approaching quickly. I am certain the agent at mortgagestogo is too young for gray hairs, but I am certain I spouted a few while she completed some financial wizardry, mixed in with a copious amount of phone calls and faxes. We will dedicate a room to Mortgagestogo.ca, known as the Sams room.


- M. L., Edmonton AB

Hi Darren,

Couldn’t forget to say thanks because it really meant a lot!

We appreciate all your hard work.

Thank you

- M.,B.,K.,&C., Edmonton AB

Hi Darren,

Thanks for your professionalism and courtesy in arranging my loan. You make the banks look like amateurs.


- R. L., Edmonton AB

Hi Mortgagestogo.ca,

Thanks for checking in again. We did take possession and moved in fairly quickly and even spent our first night there last night. Thank you so much again for all your hard work. We really needed help and you came through big time for us. Take care,

- A. & L., Edmonton AB

Hey there Mortgagestogo.ca,

Everything went well. Ingrid and I would like to thank-you for a great job and for helping us get things back on track. The sinking feeling is long gone already and the future is looking very good because of you. Thank you again and take care.

- M. & I.B., Edmonton AB

Dear Grayson,

I just can't thank you enough for all you've done. You were there with a helping hand just when I needed it most..ready to pitch in and do whatever you could. You gave me something very special - your time - and I'll always remember you for it. The company should be happy to have you work for them.

- M.R., Edmonton, AB

Hi Grayson,

I had to buy a card with a big “THANK YOU” on it because I can’t find the words to thank you enough. You truly do perform miracles.

I can only say once more, “God Bless & Thank you”

- S. & P. C., Edmonton, AB

Our sincere thanks for the excellent service and professional care shown by KariAnn! I manage 36 salespeople and none of them could touch her in persistence, communication skills, and customer empathy and satisfaction. We would not consider going anywhere else. mortgagestogo.ca gets our business and all of our referrals.

- W.G.P., Edmonton, AB

Hi Ekaterina,

We are enjoying our new home, our sincere thanks and appreciation to you. I never expected everything to be done this fast, everything because of you. You are the the one that brought this happiness to our life. We'll never forget you. Hope I can meet you one day. I'll always remember your beautiful voice and polite talks. God Bless you!

Thank you

- K.S., Red Deer, AB

I would just like to express my appreciation to your agent for the outstanding work that she did for us. She was always there to answer questions and concerns and always on top of every issue. Her stellar work with credit issues and our modest down payment was a challenge for her yet she gave us quality service. She went above and beyond and was always quick to return calls and emails.

Thank you, I will not hesitate to send more people I know to you for their mortgage needs.

-R.B., Edmonton AB

I want to extend my sincerest THANKS to Kevin at the Red Deer office. From my first interaction with him through the completion of the process, his knowledge and professionalism were very evident. What really set him apart, though, was the dignity, care and respect he showed me as a client and as a person, every step of way! He was both an adviser and an advocate as I explored my options for debt consolidation and refinancing my mortgage. He easily helped me navigate and resolve any of the obstacles that were encountered on the way.

Truthfully, I work for a financial institution so there were some incentives or benefits available to me if I had chosen to go through this process ‘in house’. In the end, I wanted to have separation between my work life and my private life. The service Kevin provided and the recommendations he made has only reinforced my confidence that this was absolutely the best decision and solution for me!

I look forward to referring family, friends (and even colleagues) to Kevin and mortgagestogo.ca!

- A., Red Deer, AB

Dear Erin,

Thanks again for all your hard work!! I will be sending referrals your way.

- S.G., Red Deer, AB

Everyone else made me feel lost and little but your kind and courteous manner made me feel like a person. Your respect and honesty gave me hope that all was not lost. I will highly recommend you. God Bless you, my life is finally back on track.

- J.R., Red Deer, AB

I am so grateful to Terri's expertise. We've remortgaged in the past, and always kept our same amortization. Terri explained that amortization really doesn't mean much; you can still make the same payment but you'd actually pay down your mortgage faster because your money would apply directly to principle. I'm very thankful to Terri and the quick and efficient way she re-mortgaged us. We gained 0.5% off of our mortgage rate as well as freed up some monthly money by consolidating our debts. Terri-Anne was very professional and efficient. I'm very glad to be rid of our old bank and to be able to work closely with Terri. Thanks for giving us our life back!!

- D.& K., Medicine Hat, AB

Hello Terri-Anne,

I work in at a law firm and have always found Terri easy to deal with and quick to resolve any issues or problems when she is the broker for any of my client’s purchasing or refinancing a home. Terri has always worked extremely hard to get the deal done and she keeps both me and the clients informed throughout the entire process. Whenever the clients had mortgage related questions or didn't quite understand some part of the process, I always directed them back to Terri and she was more than happy to explain things to them again. I truly appreciate Terri’s experience, knowledge, attention to detail and prompt response to all enquiries - so much so that when it was time to refinance my own home, I went to Terri.

Terri, I first want to thank you again for making this entire process so quick and easy. I thought that refinancing our home would be a long process, but you have shown that that is not the case! I always felt extremely comfortable that the information I was given was honest and accurate. I know that I got the best possible rate on my mortgage, one that my bank could not beat! It is a pleasure working with you, and I will definitely be recommending you to everyone I know! Thanks so much for all of your help, I couldn't have done it without you!

Yours truly,

- N.L., Medicine Hat, AB

Dear Erin,

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you sooo much for all your time and effort you put into refinancing our mortgage. We are truly grateful and so relieved by the outcome, it is truly better than we could have imagined! Thanks again.

- D.D. & A.H., Medicine Hat, AB

Hello Terri,

Thank you so much for everything!! You have been really great and very helpful with my thousand questions! I will definitely be telling my friends about your great service : Thank you for making our first home buying experience not too stressful!

- A. & C., Medicine Hat, AB

Hi Erin,

Your awesome. Thanks for all your help. We appreciate it.

- C.P., Medicine Hat, AB

Dear Kristine,

Thank you so much; you have no idea what this means to us. You really are a miracle worker. I'll be sure to refer everyone I know to you.

- Josh, Medicine Hat, AB

mortgagestogo.ca recently found me a mortgage. I dealt with Krissy Schenkey. She dealt with my situation in a very sensitive and professional manner. Krissy is very considerate and helpful and because of Krissy, my experience was as pleasant and stress free as possible.

- L.M., Medicine Hat, AB

Dear Krissy,

Thank you for your compassion and understanding. It’s nice to know that you genuinely care about your clients.

- B.C., Medicine Hat, AB.

You have made my life so much easier. I was in a financial bind. When doors were closing, you came to the rescue. You have been honest, patient, accommodating, and effective. You have just been undeniably the most astounding company.

I have an exceptional amount of gratitude for what you have done. My most sincere appreciation and thanks.

- H.K., Medicine Hat, AB

Just had to send one last note to thank you again for everything…you just hung in there and helped us out so much…what would we have done without you…everything is manageable again and we owe it all to you.

- T. & S. K., Medicine Hat, AB

We have just purchased our home and I am writing this letter for all to see. If you need help with finding good mortgages please go and see Paul Izzard at mortgagestogo.ca. The service we received from Paul was far beyond the call of duty. Paul worked long hours on finding the right mortgage for us at no extra cost. Paul dealt with many issues that surfaced in a calm and cool manner and told us to relax and that he would handle it which he did in a timely manner. The night before closing there was a huge error in the paper work caused by our lawyer so we called Paul and once again we were told to relax and not to worry. Paul said that he would go home for supper and then return to the office to find the mistake. At about 9:00 p.m. that night our phone rang and Paul had found the error made by the lawyer. Once again Paul went far beyond the call of duty and once again at no extra charge. We are now all moved in to our dream home and we can’t thank Paul enough. We will be telling all of our friends and family about the great service we have received from Paul and all the staff at mortgagestogo.ca. Once again thank you very much.

- B. & T. C., Medicine Hat, AB

I was truly impressed with the time, care, and attention, I received. You made what could easily have been a stressful time worry free.

- M.M., Medicine Hat, AB

Thank you for everything. We owe you a lot.

- R. & M., Medicine Hat, AB

To Robin,

For the last five years, we have worried every month about our financial future because we were stuck with an unfairly high interest rate on our mortgage; there were unforeseen circumstances in our past which contributed to destroying our credit rating. So when it came time for us to get a mortgage five years ago, we had to take whatever we could get, we had no options. After meeting with you for the first time last year, we were surprised with our lack of knowledge about our credit score and we were at loss on how to fix it. But you took the time to explain to us what we had to do to improve our situation by paying our outstanding bad debts and explained to us why we needed to have revolving credit, such as credit cards, in order to start building a good credit history. Over the last year we followed your advice, we paid off the bad debts, we got credit cards and we continued to pay our mortgage and credit cards on time in order to build that good credit history. This year, when it came time to renew our mortgage, because we followed your advice, we improved our credit scores so that you were able to find us an interest rate that is more than fair and has now significantly reduced our fears about our financial future and our ability to pay for our home.

So thank-you so very much Robin, we’re not sure that there are enough words of gratitude for what you have done for us.


- M. & G.D., Lethbridge, AB

Hi Lynette,

Thanks a million for all you did for us!! You ROCK!

Thank you for saving my home! You also saved us 800.00 a month in payments! Your attention to the details saved us over $6000.00 as the bank made a huge error on the statements. I will be sending you my real-estate clients in the future!

Thank you from both of us

- S. & G.S., Lethbridge, AB

Hey Robin,

I just wanted to drop you an email which is way overdue. I wanted to take the time to thank-you for all your help almost 4 years ago at the Sunridge location in Calgary, if I had to describe it I would say it was outstanding help! As you know I was in a situation that was not great and the professionalism in the way you took the time to explain things and were able to put them in terms so I could understand it all is something you just don't see any more. The mortgage you helped me to obtain got me out of a real jam as well. I had tried quite a few places and some that said it couldn’t be done, but if anyone could go to bat for me I'm glad it was you because you didn't strike out even with all the problems you found on my credit report. The advice you gave me to fix my credit really helped by the way. This time I was looking for a renewal on my next 5 year mortgage and as you know the rates are going up. Out of anyone I could have called I took the time to hunt you down to where you are now, in town out of town I didn't care as long as I knew I could ask you for help I would have a great result. Once again some 4 years later you were able to pull through again even with my checkered past. I will absolutely not hesitate to pass on your number to anyone that needs real professional help and service, I can’t describe it any better than Outstanding something you just don't see anymore, I know I already said that but it is true. It was a real pleasure talking to you and I have no doubt we will talk again for future help.

Thank-you Robin

- D.B., Calgary, AB

Hey Robin,

I hope you get this and I am sorry it took me awhile to get this out but I want to thank you for your hard work and support that you gave me in my time of need. You have helped me out so much . I have finally gotten all my bills paid and have some left over to do some long needed work around here. I really hope that you know that what you did for me was a great blessing I seriously thought I had hit the bottom before I called you . I have been through so much these last 2 years so what you have done for me was so appreciated. I am back to work full time and NO MORE BROKEN LEG : I know you put a lot of hard work into this and you got the best for me you saved me money and gave me a little extra. I think I will be okay and that is because of your help. I am hoping to come down this summer and personally thank you.


- K.S., Calgary, AB

Hi Robin!

This has been a long time coming. THE BIGGEST THANK YOU EVER ! In appreciation for your Professional and Personal Customer Service. I was impressed! I learned a lot from you. Being self employed - a single woman ..I had a lot to prove to everyone! even when my own bank kept saying NO. mortgagestogo.ca changed my life. To obtain a mortgage - low interest rate (etc.) My life this year has grown. My business as well.

To you and the staff at mortgagestogo.ca have a very nice day and God bless you.


- C. S., Lethbridge, AB

Robin Kausner- mortgagestogo.ca

Just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for all you did to obtain a mortgage for us! My husband and I realize this is no small feat considering our circumstances. We realize you worked extremely hard and for a long time on our behalf to get us a great mortgage! With both my husband and I being self-employed and having weathered the oil industry’s royalty mess and then the recession, our situation was looking rather hopeless! We received great advice from Robin over the course of several months and after much work, we had our new mortgage which allowed us to breathe again and have one monthly payment!!!! Thanks again for your hard work!!!!

- R. & L.B., Pincher Creek, AB

From the moment we walked into your office to the last document we signed, Lynette was outstanding. She did what we always thought was impossible given our circumstances; "she got us a mortgage". Lynette went above and beyond to make it happen. We will definitely recommend Lynette and mortgagestogo.ca to all our friends. Thank you!

- F. & D.L., Lethbridge AB

Glad you're feeling better Terri Lynne, And you're very welcome! Just a small token of my appreciation for your great customer service and professionalism, for answering all our questions, doing all those calculations, and making it come together so quickly for our end of month deadline. Muchos Gracias! Be well,

- H.I., Lethbridge AB

Dear KariAnn,

You really came through for us as it exceeded my expectations. Thanks again and we both appreciated what you did!

- L. & C. P., Lethbridge, AB

Paul has continuously kept us updated on the progress of our mortgage with great professionalism all around. We have been very impressed and would highly recommend his services to other nervous people. We were also touched and very thankful to see Paul at work on our behalf at 10:30 at night trying to get our papers finalized at the last minute. We are on the road and only have limited access to fax machines an issue Paul handled with patience, confidence and good advice. We found Paul doesn’t sugarcoat anything and positively deals with negative issues, a trait we admire. Thank you Paul…thank you very much.


- D. & C. L., Lethbridge, AB

The goal that we thought was beyond our reach has been achieved. You were instrumental in this huge change in my family’s life. We are “credit-card-debt-free.” We cannot thank you enough for your help. We found you to be professional and competent, and your service is second to none. Again, thank you for your much needed help. I am sending this through e-mail, as I cannot afford to waste another day. This note is already very late.

- A.C., Fort Macleod, AB

Good Morning Robin!

I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to thank you for taking time to talk to me yesterday. I enjoyed our conversation! When I went into Lethbridge yesterday I had no intention of speaking to anyone about a mortgage. When I was on my way to my car I noticed the OPEN sign on your window. I was curious about your rates and, as I mentioned you, I had recently heard about your company when I was doing some consulting work in Medicine Hat.

Once I get through my paperwork this week (I must focus!), I'll then start to do some reflection about "next steps" relating to my home in Pincher Creek. I'll keep your business card close by. I may have some questions for you.

It's been a pleasure meeting you Robin!

Have an awesome day!

- P.J., Lethbridge AB

Dear Brennan,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your help with refinancing. The first phone conversation I had with you, you set my worrying mind at ease. Your phone manner is amazing…very calm, cool and collected. It’s like you understood what I was going through financially and were there to help me figure it out. You were always available via phone or email to answer my questions, and you went to heads to get me the best deal possible. I appreciate your efforts on my behalf and would highly recommend you as a mortgage specialist to anyone needing financial relief.


-L. L. Victoria, BC

Dear Brennan,

Hi Robin, I just wanted to say Thank You very much for the time and effort you put in to my situation to acquire a new mortgage for me. I know my circumstances were different than most and it took more time and expertise to get it done and you did. I am so glad I called you as I heard great things about you from a friend and her brother as well. I appreciate everything you have done as it will make life a lot easier.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.


-R. O., Red Deer AB

Hi Kym, the lawyer should be sending the bank the new commitment, either way Italia will send you our copy of it this morning as well. Is there any more documents that need to be filled out? Have all the conditions been met? Again thank you so much Kym you've been the best thru the whole process. We are super happy with the way you handled everything. We will definitely recommend you to anyone looking at getting a mortgage.

-J.M., Edmonton, AB

Kym, Just wanted to thank you again for everything ! Next time you’re in red deer let me know and we should go for a coffee or something to celebrate :)

-M.M., Red Deer AB

Hi Kym, how are you? :) Sorry for the late reply. Busy busy packing things and a lot of things to do.. After all the processing, finally they key is with us already.. :)

Thanks so much for your big help and support.. We will be moving fully on Sat.. :)

Rest assure that I'm goin' to refer you to some of my friends if they will be buying a house.. :)

God Bless! :)

-Eloisa.. :) Edmonton AB

Hi Ms. Kym, all the documents been signed at the law office. Thank you for all your hard work and patience and not giving up for this very challenging mortgage. It’s nice doing business with you and for the rest of the team. Thanks again and until next time. Have a very goodnight!

-C. Z., Medicine Hat AB

Hi Robin,

A HUGE thank you for all of the hard work you helped us with on getting our mortgage in such a short period of time, we are so excited to start reno’s and we were able to get out of our rental early as they have renters already – so this all worked out in the end.

I will definitely recommend you to anyone that we know that may be looking to buy a home !!!

-C. E., Red Deer AB

You and Michael have been wonderful to work with. Giving me motivational speeches every few days to keep me from losing it and giving up. I still would like you to meet my little dog if I happen to have him with me in Red Deer and you are here I will bring him in.

-K. L., Red Deer AB

This is the second time I have use mortgages to go and both times they really were amazing and truly went the extra distance for me.

Kym even remembered me from the first time I used them. The first time I knew it would be a hard sell for her to find me a lender as I was just less than 2 years out of bankruptcy. But Kym was able to find me a lender at a good interest rate considering my situation.

This time I was looking for a very quick approval. Kym was able to find me a new lender at a rate lower than the typical banks and had it all done in under a week.

I would whole heartedly recommend them to anybody who is looking and do when I know someone is looking or asking about getting a mortgage.

Even my realtor was impressed with the speed and service I received from Kym.

Thank you so much Kym.

-J. G., Edmonton AB

Omg! You made me cry. Thanks so much Kym. Words cannot express.

-C. D., Calgary AB

Hi Kym,

Sorry I was busy last few days with the move so couldn't reply you earlier. Thank you very much for all your assistance. Yes, everything went well. You were excellent throughout and easily accessible. I'm really glad and satisfied with your service. You are going to be my first choice for any future mortgage needs. Once again thanks a lot.

Thank you so much Kym.

-R. B., Toronto ON